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JIRA plugin for FreedomSponsors
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This is the FreedomSponsors "SponsorThis" plugin for JIRA.

When installed, it will add a nice, discrete "Sponsor this" section on your JIRA's issue view, like the screenshot below.

The link leads to a FreedomSponsors page where the user can place a bounty for that issue.

You can also see it in action on Jenkins' JIRA.

Similar functionality is also available for Bugzilla (see the Bugzilla plugin) and the Github issue tracker (learn more)


To install it, just get the latest version jar from the download section and upload to your JIRA using the plugin management feature.

If you're a developer and you want to build the plugin yourself, here's a few pointers that might save you some time:

After you have the plugin installed, you'll want to run:

atlas-mvn clean install

Depending on your environment, that command might fail because Maven won't find jta.jar on your local repository. That's because jta is not on the maven central repository. But it can be found on the repository.

Add this section to your maven settings.xml file:

  <!-- other profiles you might have -->

  <!-- other profiles you might have -->

Try again and see if it works this time.

If you can build it, here are a few other SDK commands you'll want to use:

  • atlas-run -- installs this plugin into JIRA and starts it on http://localhost:2990/jira (login/pass = admin/admin)
  • atlas-debug -- same as atlas-run, but allows a debugger to attach at port 5005
  • atlas-cli -- after atlas-run or atlas-debug, opens a Maven command line window: - 'pi' reinstalls the plugin into the running JIRA instance
  • atlas-help -- prints description for all commands in the SDK

If you find the above is somehow incorrect or incomplete, please reopen #2 and let us know.

For more information, refer to the Atlassian documentation:

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