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from gh_frespo_integration.utils import github_adapter
from gh_frespo_integration.models import *
from django.conf import settings
import logging
from datetime import timedelta
__author__ = 'tony'
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def get_repos_and_configs(user):
repos = []
github_username = user.github_username()
if github_username:
repos = github_adapter.fetch_repos(github_username)
for repo_dict in repos:
gh_id = repo_dict['id']
repodb = get_repodb_by_githubid(gh_id)
if repodb:
user_repo_config = get_repo_config_by_repo_and_user(repodb, user)
if user_repo_config:
repo_dict['add_links'] = user_repo_config.add_links
repo_dict['new_only'] = user_repo_config.new_only
return repos
def get_repodb_by_githubid(gh_id):
repos = Repo.objects.filter(gh_id = gh_id)
if repos.count() > 1:
logger.error('Database inconsistency: multiple repos found with gh_id:%s'%gh_id)
elif repos.count() == 1:
return repos[0]
return None
def get_repo_config_by_repo_and_user(repo, user):
configs = UserRepoConfig.objects.filter(repo__id =, user__id =
if configs.count() > 1:
logger.error('Database inconsistency: multiple configs found for repo:%s / user:%s'%(,
elif configs.count() == 1:
return configs[0]
return None
def update_user_configs(user, dict):
github_username = user.github_username()
if github_username:
repos = github_adapter.fetch_repos(github_username)
my_repo_ids = []
for repo_dict in repos:
gh_id = repo_dict['id']
repodb = get_repodb_by_githubid(gh_id)
if not repodb:
owner = repo_dict['owner']['login']
owner_type = repo_dict['owner']['type']
name = repo_dict['name']
repodb = Repo.newRepo(owner, owner_type, name, gh_id, user)
config = get_repo_config_by_repo_and_user(repodb, user)
if not config:
config = UserRepoConfig.newConfig(user, repodb)
config.add_links = dict.has_key('check_addlink_%s' % gh_id)
# config.new_only = dict.has_key('check_newonly_%s' % gh_id)
config.new_only = True
UserRepoConfig.objects.filter(user__id = = my_repo_ids).delete()
def add_sponsorthis_comments():
configs = UserRepoConfig.objects.filter(add_links = True)
logger.debug('starting sponsor_this routine...')
for config in configs:
repo_owner = config.repo.owner
repo_name =
last_ran = None
logger.debug('processing repo_config %s (%s/%s)' % (, config.repo.owner,
if config.new_only or config.already_did_old:
last_ran = config.last_ran - timedelta(hours=1)
logger.debug('will list issues after %s' % last_ran)
logger.debug('will list all issues')
issues = github_adapter.fetch_issues(repo_owner, repo_name, last_ran)
logger.debug('issues are fetched')
for issue in issues:
_add_comment_if_not_already(config, int(issue['number']), repo_owner, repo_name)
if not config.new_only:
except BaseException as e:
logger.error("Error adding comments repository %s/%s: %s" % (repo_owner, repo_name, e))
logger.debug('sponsor_this ended successfully')
def _add_comment_if_not_already(repo_config, issue_number, repo_owner, repo_name):
issue_already_commented = get_issue_already_commented(repo_config.repo, issue_number)
if not issue_already_commented:
body = u"""Do you care about this issue? To get it fixed quickly, [offer a cash incentive to developers on](%s/issue/sponsor?trackerURL=
If you can only give US$5, offering just that will invite other people to do the same. Sharing the cost will soon add up!""" % (settings.SITE_HOME, repo_owner, repo_name, issue_number)
github_adapter.bot_comment(repo_owner, repo_name, issue_number, body)
issue_already_commented = IssueAlreadyCommented.newIssueAlreadyCommented(repo_config.repo, issue_number)'commented on issue %s of %s/%s' % (issue_number, repo_owner, repo_name))
logger.debug('NOT commenting on issue %s of %s/%s because it was already commented on' % (issue_number, repo_owner, repo_name))
def get_issue_already_commented(repo, number):
iacs = IssueAlreadyCommented.objects.filter(repo__id =, number = number)
if iacs.count() > 1:
logger.error('Database inconsistency: multiple issue_already_commented found for repo:%s / number:%s'%(, number))
elif iacs.count() == 1:
return iacs[0]
return None