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levels: new E2M5 from Z0k

[ RjY: changes to submitted version:
- increase gap between pile of crates (sector 256 etc.) and nearby
  walls, to prevent player getting stuck
- set passuse flag on lines 75, 208, 288, and 1320 to stop them blocking
  doors (lines 72, 1348) from being opened
- move monster teleporters so monsters don't have to walk away from
  player to teleport, to prevent excessively long teleport times ]

Signed-off-by: RjY <>
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commit 1eb6918d82271b114ec9cf8b1b0db71035bdd90e 1 parent f651c98
Miguel Suarez Gomez authored rjy committed
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BIN  levels/zok/e2m5.wad
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