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More intermission text adjustments (#572)

* More intermission text adjustments

I still hate that "...", but I'm starting to think the aggravation is not really that itself but the use of a direct quote for "you" the player for something they never actually said.

So looking at the E4 text again to see how it could be avoided, I noticed a bunch of other little weird things... the past tense on the first sentence clashing with the rest of the present tense; the "despite" doesn't really fit with the logical progression; and while I know exactly what "plump down" was intended to convey it seems a bit nonstandard. It's also missing punctuation at the end, in contrast with the other intermission texts.

Here's a somewhat significant rewrite to get around those issues.

I've also made smaller changes to C5 and C6 for similar reasons.

* Got rid of that column of "you"s.

* Spacing.
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MatthewTheGlutton authored and NickZ committed Jul 9, 2019
1 parent a6d5982 commit da318e31340428484a0694fb5e55c3945e8b584f
Showing with 16 additions and 16 deletions.
  1. +16 −16 lumps/dehacked.lmp
@@ -395,18 +395,18 @@ E3TEXT = The abomination explodes into\n\
You drop all your weapons on\n\
the ground and step on the platform,\n\
reintegrating on Double Impact.
E4TEXT = Despite fighting an army of monsters,\n\
you managed to find a ship here.\n\
E4TEXT = After yet another army of monsters\n\
you manage to find a functioning ship.\n\
Looks like freedom is yours.\n\n\
"Time to get out of here..."\n\
you tell yourself and plump down\n\
on the comfortable chair.\n\n\
The ship rumbles as she wakes up.\n\
As you lift off, you think of Earth.\n\n\
Hopefully, AGM won't find you there.\n\
They've got the outbreak to deal\n\
You practically melt into the soft\n\
pilot's seat, a luxurious welcome\n\
as you leave this wretched rock.\n\n\
The ship rumbles as she wakes up;\n\
you think of Earth as she lifts off.\n\
Hopefully, AGM won't find you there:\n\
they've got the outbreak to deal\n\
with, so that'll give you some time.\n\n\
Destination: Earth
Destination: Earth!
# After MAP06, before MAP07:
C1TEXT = You've found your way to the\n\
complex's outer storage warehouse.\n\
@@ -464,10 +464,10 @@ C4TEXT = The evil thing becomes unstable.\n\n\
C5TEXT = You step onto the machine and\n\
after a strange flash you find\n\
yourself in a rusty cage.\n\n\
"What is this place?"\n\n\
Before you can wonder further,\n\
you see monsters all around\n\
you. It's a trap.\n\n\
What happened? Where is this?\n\n\
Before you can wonder further\n\
you notice that you are surrounded\n\
by monsters. It was a trap.\n\n\
You silently bring out\n\
your gun, ready to kill.
# Before MAP32 (secret level #2):
@@ -476,8 +476,8 @@ C6TEXT = The world dissipitates around\n\
to find yourself inside another.\n\
As the glow of the teleporter\n\
subsides, it looks like you may\n\
have made a wrong turn. Again.\n\n\
"Not again."\n\n\
have made a wrong turn.\n\n\
The world comes back to you.\n\
The monsters you fought before\n\
raise their weapons,\n\n\

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