@chungy chungy released this Jan 1, 2014 · 1076 commits to master since this release

Freedoom is back! Ultimate Freedoom's Episode 4 is now the Cacoward-winning Double Impact!

Many maps have been updated, along with improved sprites and sounds.

Freedoom's deathmatch spinoff project, FreeDM, is now vanilla-compatible and has quite a few new maps.

A BEX file is now included in the IWADs, which allows Boom-compatible ports to replace many strings in the game, such as level names, weapon pickups, and intermission text.

This is an old release, it is kept here for historical purposes and not recommended as the primary version.

The files here are:

freedm-0.8.zipFreeDM deathmatch IWAD
freedoom-ultimate-0.8.zip"Ultimate" Freedoom IWAD, providing doom.wad and now equivalent to Freedoom: Phase 1
freedoom-iwad-0.8.zipPrimary Freedoom IWAD, providing doom2.wad and now equivalent to Freedoom: Phase 2
freedoom-resource-wad-0.8.zipFreedoom resources PWAD, freedoom.wad, loadable on top of Doom and providing the same experience otherwise
freedoom-levels-0.8.zipFreedoom levels PWAD, freedoom_levels.wad, containing only the levels
freedoom-sounds-0.8.zipFreedoom sounds PWAD, freedoom_sounds.wad, containing only the sounds
freedoom-sprites-0.8.zipFreedoom sprites PWAD, freedoom_sprites.wad, containing only the sprites
freedoom-textures-0.8.zipFreedoom textures PWAD, freedoom_textures.zip, containing only the textures