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The kernel-msm github tree has branches for various devices. The interesting ones are:

  • hp-tenderloin-3.0 - HP TouchPad kernel based on msm-3.0 (kgsl+fbdev)
  • mako-kernel - nexus4 kernel based on msm-3.4 (kgsl+fbdev)
    • note mako-kernel-drm experimental branch exists, but don't use it yet unless you want to hack on DSI panel support in msm drm/kms driver.
  • ifc6410-drm - msm-3.4 based kernel for ifc6410 board (msm drm/kms)
    • note older ifc6410 branch still exists for historical purposes (kgsl+fbdev), but probably no reason to use it anymore
  • bstem-drm - msm-3.4 based kernel for bSTem board

Other branches are mostly likely just random work-in-progress things, and might get deleted at some point.


The upstream trees are on

  • mesa - git:// (gitweb)
  • libdrm - git:// (gitweb)
  • xf86-video-freedreno - git:// (gitweb)

The corresponding github trees master branches are periodically kept in sync with the trees. And from time to time will have branches with various work-in-progress stuff that is not ready to push to the upstream trees yet.

Build instructions:

These are the configure flags I use (and the order to build things):


./ --prefix=/usr --enable-freedreno


./ --prefix=/usr --with-dri-drivers= --with-gallium-drivers=freedreno,swrast --with-egl-platforms=x11 --enable-gles2 --enable-gles1 --enable-debug --disable-gallium-llvm --enable-xa --disable-dri3


./ --prefix=/usr

Mesa in particular has a lot of build options to play with.. --enable-debug does have performance overhead, so while useful for debugging there will be an fps drop, especially for games that are CPU limited.

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