Inforce 6410 Plus

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Inforce 6410 Plus

Information about freedreno on the Inforce 6410 Plus pico-itx board. See Fedora for instructions on setting up setting up a fedora filesystem.

NOTE: the below prebuilt kernel below is a bit old, and not getting updated. It is recommended to see the linaro kernel branch and Inforce 6410 Plus page.

Boot Instructions:

  1. if android still running: sudo adb reboot-bootloader
  2. once board is booted to fastboot, if you want to prevent android from booting automatically: sudo fastboot erase boot
  1. boot linux: sudo fastboot boot ifc6410-boot-f20.img

note that you can override the kernel commandline with fastboot, for example to boot with filesystem on sd-card:

sudo fastboot -c "console=ttyHSL0,115200,n8 console=/dev/console lpj=67677 root=/dev/mmcblk1p3" boot ifc6410-boot-f20.img

Resizing boot partition

To boot from eMMC (without fastboot), a larger boot partition is needed. The following might work on other devices/boards too, but be very careful to check the partition #'s, and that there is nothing important in the partitions following the boot partition. On the ifc6410 the boot partition is mmcblk0p7. The following will wipe out the android userspace partitions.

sgdisk -d 7 /dev/mmcblk0
sgdisk -n 7:393216:524287 /dev/mmcblk0
sgdisk -c 7:boot /dev/mmcblk0
sgdisk -A 7:set:60 /dev/mmcblk0
sgdisk -t 7:ea00 /dev/mmcblk0

after resizing mmcblk0p7 you can fastboot flash boot ifc6410-boot-f20.img

making a serial cable:

The debug UART (console=ttyHSL0,115200,n8) is the three pin header next to the DC power connector. RX/GND/TX are layed out as show below. These can be connected to a standard serial cable, pins 2, 3, and 5 on an rs232 db9 connector.

Serial layout

UPDATE: UART cable instructions with pictures

NOTE: that it seems the RX/TX are swapped on some board revisions. As far as I know GND is always the center pin. If the above layout does not work, try plugging in the serial cable the other way around.

Upstream kernel

Work on getting upstream kernel on ifc6410 is tracked at the linaro wiki.

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