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Nexus 4

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Mainline kernel

This is the way to go, as robclark said:

tbh, with the exception of perhaps making phone calls (modem), upstream support for 8064 should be decent (like the work that john stultz did on n7 tablet).. so I probably wouldn't try too hard on ancient 3.4 stuff

You might find some helpful pointers about mainlining the device here.

3.4 backport

There's a backport from 2013 of the freedreno to a 3.4 kernel in the kernel-msm repository, with two branches.

  • mako-kernel
    • This one compiles.
    • The display is only "working" by using qcom's customized fbdev driver according to robclark, so it is a bit non-standard.
    • Notably the USB networking was disabled in the kernel config (in favor for serial debugging?), but it should be possible to activate it again.
    • package build recipe with GCC6 patches
  • mako-kernel-drm
    • This one is said to have the display "kind of almost" working.
    • But it's abandoned work in progress, and doesn't even compile. After patching some includes it fails with these errors.


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