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FreeGeek Rewards Policy

FreeGeek Chicago wants to encourage volunteers to complete our build program. And we want to thank volunteers who get through Build and keep coming back. So we offer a rewards program.

What are rewards good for?

Rewards can be used to buy computers and equipment at our thrift store. (Some limitations apply. See below.)

Getting rewards

Volunteers get rewards for the time they volunteer at FreeGeek Chicago.

Volunteers get a 75 dollar reward once they have finished the Build program. Each hour beyond that gives the volunteer another reward, up to a maximum of 75 per year. So, a new volunteer could get a maximum of 150 rewards in their first year at FreeGeek, and a maximum 75 rewards in every subsequent year. A volunteer cannot accumulate more than 150 rewards.

Tracking and expiration of your rewards

We need to log your hours before you can use your rewards. It takes us time to enter and track your hours. So it may take at least a week before you can use your rewards.

Rewards expire one year from the date of last activity on your account.

Limitations of rewards

There are some limits on how our rewards can be used. (These are fairly standard in the retail world.)

good only at FreeGeek Chicago

Our rewards can be used only at FreeGeek Chicago. You cannnot use our rewards at other retailers. You cannot use them at FreeGeeks in other cities. You can't even use them at FreeGeek South Side (once it exists).

no cash value

Rewards have no cash value. None.

eligible items

Rewards can only be applied to used items in stock at our store, and to extended warranties for those items.

ineligible items

Rewards cannot be used for new items. They cannot be used for refurbished items we resell for others.

Some other items may be ineligible for rewards. Rewards cannot be used for those items.

partially-eligible items

Some items may be only partially eligible for rewards. Such items will have a limit on how much of their price can be be paid with rewards.

no taxes, fees, or services

Rewards cannot be used for taxes. They cannot be used for recycling fees. They cannot be used for labor charges or other services. They cannot be used for services we resell for others.

no gift certificates

Rewards cannot be used for gift certificates (We do not currently offer gift certificates -- but when we do, no rewards.).

not transferable

Rewards are not transferable.


We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of our rewards. We may change terms and conditions at any time, with no notice, and for any reason.

We will announce changes in one or more of the following ways: this page; elsewhere on our web site; our email list; posted in our space.