FreeGeek Chicago's suite of Drupal-based, KIT-compliant volunteer, knowledge, and conversation management tools.
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Townsquare project

Townsquare is a Drupal-based collaboration platform with an emphasis on volunteer management, collaborative documentation, and organization & community communication.

Licensed under the GNU GPL v3.0.

Links + resources


Volunteer manager

Create events categorized by type and record volunteer participation via a spreadsheet-like interface.

Provides simple interfaces for creating and administering volunteer accounts.


Under development.


Under development.

Project history and goals

FreeGeek Chicago has hoped to create software like this for ages. It took about 5 years to begin work on Townsquare. During those years, most organizational information could be tracked via paper records entered into shared spreadsheets, conversations could be supported by email lists, and documentation relied on a mix of Google Docs and a standard issue overly-complex wiki for documentation.

Townsquare is meant to address these needs, and our development schedule is ruled by how much each area hurts. Townsquare has replaced FreeGeek's "Spreadsheet of Doom" for volunteer tracking, while the email list and wiki remain.


Contributors: Jimmie Glover, James Slater, Shinda Williams, Alex Hanson, Scott Lewis, Eric Tendian, Sabine Ye, Aaron Howze.

Developers: David Eads