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Ajax Error Redux #77

SlaterByte opened this Issue Nov 30, 2011 · 5 comments

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Directed to
Below is dump.


Something happened while I was adding users to an event (slow Internet connection maybe?). I have seen this at least 3 times; I finally caught it and copied the text down.

@eads eads was assigned Nov 30, 2011
eads commented Dec 1, 2011

I've seen this -- what seems to trigger seems to be a click that occurs after Drupal events have detached but before they've reattached on ajax success. Probably no resolution coming any time soon.

eads commented Jan 5, 2012

@jdslater85 -- are you running into this still or can I close it? I'm not seeing these errors anymore.


I can now replicate @
or any event edit page.

Hitting the drop-down arrow twice on a time entry box throws the error. It either redirects to the original error link or the following:

eads commented Jan 14, 2012

I'll bet changing ANY two form fields (the same one or two different fields) quickly triggers the bug but I'll bet that it is usually too hard to do it quickly enough for it to manifest in most situations except with the time entry, which is probably emitting spurious change events when you click that button. The solution is preventing that event from firing, their in the combobox widget or by ensuring the button can't be clicked if change has fired but we're still waiting on a response.

eads commented Jun 12, 2012

This really should never be possible any more.

@eads eads closed this Jun 12, 2012
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