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A basic admin scaffold generator for Solidus.

Creates a ready to use CRUD interface for your models inside Solidus admin.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

group :development do
  gem 'solidus_scaffold', github: 'freego/solidus_scaffold'

And then execute:

$ bundle


Generate a scaffold for the new Brand model:

$ rails generate solidus_scaffold:scaffold Brand name:string description:text position:integer ...

The first attribute is expected to be the "main" one (name, title etc.)

Some more magic:

  • The admin index list will be sortable with drag&drop if you create a position:integer field
  • paperclip image and file attachments are supported: e.g. picture:image attachment:file
  • Will use friendly_id for slugs if a slug:string field is present

Example output:

create  app/models/spree/brand.rb
create  app/controllers/spree/admin/brands_controller.rb
create  app/views/spree/admin/brands/index.html.erb
create  app/views/spree/admin/brands/new.html.erb
create  app/views/spree/admin/brands/edit.html.erb
create  app/views/spree/admin/brands/_form.html.erb
create  db/migrate/20140412175904_create_spree_brands.rb
create  config/locales/en_brands.yml
create  config/locales/it_brands.yml
create  app/overrides/spree/admin/add_spree_brands_to_admin_menu.rb
append  config/routes.rb

Then run the migration:

$ rake db:migrate

To rollback:

$ rake db:rollback
$ rails destroy solidus_scaffold:scaffold Brand name:string description:text position:integer ...

Copyright (c) 2017 sebastyuiop, alepore, released under the New BSD License