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A Draw2D HTML5 diagramming application with github as JSON backend storage
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Use a Github Repository as your JSON backend

(heavily inspired from Googlespreadsheet as Backend )

When writing a simple web app or prototyping something, you may want a quick and simple way to store, edit and retrieve data.

Let's say you write a simple editor for blog entries or a diagram editor done with a graph lib like draw2d and don't want to build a backend to write, edit and store your data - but you want to conveniently consume this data as JSON - then the Github API helps you with that.

Used libs (the usual suspects):

all of the components above are installable via Bower.

Project build job is done via Grunt

At the end I'm absolute surprised how easy an WebApp can connect a repository via the GitHub API. Feel free to branch this repository.

See the small screen recoding below (github token isn't valid anymore :-) ) of the end result or use it direct online


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