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very basic boilerplate for the Draw2D HTML5 diagramming lib
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Draw2D JS boilderplate project


Demo project to build a basic HTML5 diagramming application with the framework.

You need bower and grunt to build the Draw2D demo app.

Grunt runs on Node.js, so if you don't have npm installed already, go ahead and install it.

##To install Grunt's command line interface run:

npm install -g grunt-cli

With the flag -g you installed it globally and now you can access it from anywhere on your system.

##Bower Installing bower couldn't be simpler. Just go:

npm install -g bower

and you have it.

##Download draw2d.js and all required libraries in the right version with one command

bower install

now you have draw2d.js, jequery, raphael, the right version in your project.

##Install dependencies for the Gruntfile.js

npm install

##Build the project Just type:


and you find the result in the dist folder.

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