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gmail widget written for awesome using vicious
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use the widget, you'll need vicious installed.

to install this widget:

cp -r awesome ~/.config/awesome

to include this library put these lines into your rc.lua: = require('')
gmailwidget =

and then insert 'gmailwidget' into your widget list.

login id and password should be enter in ~/.netrc in the following form:

machine login <> password <password>

where <> and <password> should be replace by your own id/pwd

Then, after reloading awesome you should see your gmail widget up and running

right click on it (button 3) to toggle the activity of the widget and left click to opens the browser which the browser command can be set to global variable browser or firefox is used as default browser

Threaded version

Some of you might have noticed the blocking behavior of this widget. It is because vicious's gmail widget blocks the thread when executing curl and when you're having a bad connection this effect magnifies.

I tried different ways to solve this problem and ended up using a threaded environment, which might be an overkill but I figured that I might also use this later on so I went for it anyway. For those who are interested you can checkout the branch threaded. You will be able to notice the much faster bootstrapping of awesome because it no longer blocks.

Using bashets is another option because it support asynchronous execution of scripts but the fact that it cannot turn on/off the activity of a single widgets made me take a step back.

Anyway, if you have any thoughs on this you're welcome to send pull requests or suggestions to me.

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