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Prototype of game mechanic in which the player can be cloned, choosing to increase an attribute in the clone and decreasing that attribute in the original copy.

The idea for a game around this mechanic is a puzzle platformer where all clones must reach the end of the level for the player to succeed. Puzzles would necessitate using the cloning mechanic to reach a new area of the level with that clone, and finding a way to help the other copies to the finish line (for example increasing the jump attribute to reach a switch that produces stairs). The cloned abilities would also stack, so more advanced puzzles would rely on increasing the correct attribute on the correct clone (e.g. a puzzle would require a clone with both speed and jump).


  • Move left: or A
  • Move right: or D
  • Jump: or W
  • Clone player: C
  • Switch controls between clones: R

Built with Playcraft 0.5.5 (engine not included in repository). To run locally clone the repository into Playcraft's projects folder.