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The first step to installing FreeJournal is to ensure you have:

  • A Linux-based operating systems (for security reasons, we do not support Windows)
  • Python 2.7.3+
  • PyBitmessage
  • Python 2.x
  • python-pip (the pip command)
  • python-bitcoinlib
  • FreeNet (install script provided)

If you are on Windows, you can still browse one of many existing FreeJournal nodes. Consult a list on our website.

To install database, documentation, and other library requirements, run sudo pip install -r requirements.txt on the root directory.

After this, you should perform the required Freenet and Bitmessage setup using: sudo ./ install all on a Debian-compatible distribution.

Generating Documentation

To generate API documentation, simply run make install in the docs subfolder to install required dependencies, then run make html to generate documentation in HTML form, output to the build directory.

Running FreeJournal - Command Line

Creating and publishing a collection

Modify the following example commands to create and publish a collection:

./ putcollection whee 1,2,3 "This is a TEST" "nothing to see here" "nothing,to" btc123
Collection inserted with address/ID [BM-2cVBBDezMcgoAHMkNzMswkc3xZRMFFvKeV
./ publishcollection whee BM-2cVBBDezMcgoAHMkNzMswkc3xZRMFFvKeV

For more command usage instructions, run ./ with no arguments.

Running FreeJournal Unit Tests

Simply coverage run --omit=*/python?.?/*,*/site-packages/*,*__init__*,test_*,*Freenet* -m unittest discover unittests in the root directory after installing the required prerequisites to run all tests with coverage.

Running FreeJournal - The Network

To start pulling and pushing collections to and from the network, use the following two commands:

./ keepalive and ./ listen

Running FreeJournal - Web interface

After configuring the web interface in, use ./ webapp to run an insecure development server. Hardened deployments should use the advanced deployment guides on the Flask website.


Document publication and public distribution infrastructure.




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