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Lawnchair.php Switched to SQLite instead of mysql Jul 25, 2014

Lawnchair.php is a PHP port of Lawnchair.js

See for the original javascript library.

I mostly made this for something to try, and have tested with over 20,000 records in a table and had it work fast.

You have a choice of adapters, it can store it as text files on Amazon S3 or in a SQLite database, and you can build on that.

I'll do more documentation as I go..

This also works really nicely with underscore.php

If you use file storage or SQLite, make sure the data folder is writable


/*  you can choose to use sql or file as a datastore:   */
/*  SQL:    */
//  $ppl = new Lawnchair( array("name"=>"people","store"=>"sql") );
/*  S3: */
//  $ppl = new Lawnchair( array("name"=>"people","store"=>"s3",'awsaccesskey'=>'Your AWS Access Key','awssecretkey'=>'Your AWS Secret Key','bucketname'=>'Your Bucket Name') );
/*  File:   */
$ppl = new Lawnchair( array("name"=>"people","store"=>"file") );
if( $ppl->count() < 1 ){
    for($i = 0; $i <= 15000;$i++){
        $ppl->save( array("value"=>array("name"=>$i,"age"=>($i+2),"address"=>"random street") ) );
echo "<h1>List all Keys</h1>";
if( $ppl->count() < 10 ){
    echo "<pre>".print_r($ppl->keys(),true)."</pre>";
    echo "<p>Too many keys to list at once.. {$ppl->count()} keys found..</p>";

echo "<h1>Find all people with 'a' in the name </h1>";
$list = $ppl->find(array("field"=>"name","q"=>"a","a"=>"eq"));
echo "<pre>".print_r($list,true)."</pre>";

echo "<h1>List All People</h1>";
echo "<pre>".print_r($ppl->all(),true)."</pre>";

echo "Last Record is: ".print_r($ppl->max(),true)."<br />";
echo "Last Key is: ".$ppl->lastid();        

echo "<h1>Max with callback</h1>";
echo "----> ".$ppl->max( function($member) { return "My name is: ".$member['name']; } )."<br />";

echo "<h1>Delete all records</h1>";
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