Example showing how to prepopulate a WebSQL database using SQLite.
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HTML5 WebSQL databases are currently available in Safari (including Mobile Safari), and the HTML5 FileAPI is implemented in Phonegap.

Unfortunately the WebSQL API wasn't prescriptive in a number of areas; there is no canonical method of furnishing your HTML5 offline app with a pre-populated SQL database.

It took me quite a while to figure out how to get this to work reliably - so here's the solution.


This example web page will run inside phonegap, and probably any other HTML5 browser that supports SQL and File.

What is it

A demonstration of how to pre-populate an HTML5 webSQL database using a textfile created by the sqlite .dump command.

Usage (phonegap)

Copy the index.html file into your phonegap app /www folder

Create your SQL seed file from a SQLite database using the command:

sqlite .dump <database_name> > dump.sql

If using phonegap, copy the dump file into your www folder.

Edit the SQL_DUMP_FILE global variable.

Compile and run.