PHP class to summarize content into short summary
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PHP class to summarize content into short summary

This class was created to give more intelligent excerpts to job postings on, but can be used to summarize any content.

It works by analyzing each sentence in each paragraph and returning the most relevant sentence of that paragraph.

You can run demo.php to see it in action, or look at any job posting on

How this works

Here's a step-by-step explanation of how and why this algorithm works.

Intersecting Text:

This function receives two sentences, and returns a score for the intersection between those two sentences.

Each sentence is split into words, we then count how many common words we have, and then normalize the result with the average length of the two sentences.

The Dictionary:

This part really is the 'Heart' of the algorithm. It takes our text, and calculates a score for each sentence. The calculations is composed of two steps:

  1. First, we split each paragraph into sentences, and store the intersection value between each sentence compared to every other sentence in the paragraph in an array.

  2. Second, we calculate an individual score for each sentence and store it in a key-value dictionary, where the sentence itself is the key and the value is the total score. We do that just by summing up all its intersections with the other sentences in the text (not including itself).

Building The Summary:

Obviously, the final step of our algorithm is generating the final summary. We do that by splitting our text into paragraphs, and then we choose the best sentence from each paragraph according to our sentences dictionary which was generated above.

Why This Works

There are two main reasons why this algorithm works:

  1. The first reason is that a paragraph is a logical atomic unit of the text. In simple words - there is probably a very good reason why the author decided to split his text that way.

  2. The second reason is that if two sentences have a good intersection, they probably hold the same information.

So if one sentence has a good intersection with many other sentences, it probably holds some information from each one of them - or in other words, this is probably a key sentence in our text!