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What is FreeLAN?

A peer-to-peer, secure, easy-to-setup, multi-platform, open-source, highly-configurable VPN software.


FreeLAN is available on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux (Debian-based distributions). Check the official website for installers.

If your platform is not officially supported, do not despair and just try to build it yourself ! Check the build instructions for details on how to do that.


FreeLAN can be configured to support any network topology, be it a traditional client-server structure or a full-mesh one. The emulated network can operate at the Ethernet or at the IPv4/IPv6 levels. Security can be achieved through the use of certificates or via a simple shared passphrase.

For instance, creating a simple VPN node can be done with:

freelan --security.passphrase "my secret"

This will start a VPN node, listening for connections on all interfaces on the port UDP:12000. The node will pick the default IPv4 address inside the emulated network.

To connect to another node, just specify the option, like so:

freelan --security.passphrase "my secret"

Each node should have a different virtual IP address: you can specify the IPv4 address to use with the tap_adapter.ipv4_address_prefix_length option, like so:

freelan --security.passphrase "my secret" --tap_adapter.ipv4_address_prefix_length

Check out the configuration file for details !

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a graphical interface ?

A graphical user interface is planned but nothing is made public yet. You will just have to be patient :)

Can I use FreeLAN to access forbidden websites/websites in other countries with restrictions ?

FreeLAN is not a service, it's a software. You can configure it to reach that goal easily, but you'll need an exit-point (a server, a friendly-computer at the right location) on which you can run FreeLAN too. It will always take a minimum of 2 nodes to create a VPN network.


You like FreeLAN and you would like to show your support and help development of next releases ? Check out the donate page !


Check the contributions guidelines.


Check the packaging instructions.