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Python library for API

This is a Python library for the API. Using this, you can interact with from your Python applications. It supports Python 2.7 and Python 3 (3.6+). For more about information about the API, visit


Install it using pip install freelancersdk. It may be a good idea to use virtualenv as part of your workflow.


The current version series of the library is 0.1.x which corresponds to the 0.1 version of the API. The revision number x corresponds to the revision of the SDK. The 0.1 series of the library will continue to support (in a backward compatible way) the 0.1 version of the API.


The first step to using any SDK function is to create a Session object:

>>> from freelancersdk.session import Session
>>> session = Session(oauth_token=token)

You must have a valid OAuth2 token before you can use the SDK or the API. See the Developer portal for more information on how you can do so.

Once we have a session object, we can start using the SDK functions.


All the examples below recognizes two environment variables:

  • FLN_OAUTH_TOKEN: The OAuth2 token to create the session with and must be specified
  • FLN_URL: If you want to use the library to make requests against the Sandbox, you can specifiy FLN_URL= If not specified, it defaults to



Milestone Payments






Please note that 0.1.3 release changed the LICENSE from BSD to GNU LGPLv3. If you were using the library prior to this release, please file a issue to let us know if the change affects you in any way.