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Title: Contributors Date: 2015-01-14 22:30 Author: Michael Lissner Slug: thanks Status: published

Free Law Project has benefited immensely from the generous support of the following organizations:

In addition, the following people have contributed their time and efforts towards our mission:

  • Siddharth Agrawal
  • Jason Aller
  • Philip Ardery
  • Elliott Ash
  • Frank Bennett
  • Travis Briggs
  • Ben Cassidy
  • Ansel Halliburton
  • Josh de-Larios Heiman
  • Bo Jin (Krist)
  • Deb Linton
  • Andrew McConachie
  • Rowyn McDonald
  • Matt Meiske
  • Taliah B. Mirmalek
  • Peter Nguyen
  • Karen Rustad
  • Colin Starger
  • Sarah Tyler
  • Dave Voutila
  • David Zvenyach

We would never be where we are today without this generous support.

If we forgot you or your organization, please get in touch or if you're one of our volunteer developers, feel free edit this page yourself!