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a port of Lightning's ITG3 theme to StepMania 5.0 (not actively developed)
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Hello, and welcome to the port of Lightning's ITG3 theme to StepMania 5.

The SM5 version of the theme is in Themes\itg3\.
Most of the porting work has been done by AJ (so far).
Midiman is planning on working on achievements.

NoteSkins for SM5 (aside from metal2) are available in NoteSkins\dance\.
They were ported by Jousway.
Metal2 was not included since Jousway said it was similar to Metal+.
Check out his site, Unlimited Stepman Works:
(metal+ is available there. check _Noteskin/SM5/Dance/.)

The OpenITG materials are in the oitg\ folder.
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