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Comfortable Basic

Comfortable Basic is a modern, simple Hugo theme. Intended for a blog like site.

View: Demo using hugoBasicExample



  • Mobile friendly
  • Emphasis on readability
  • Lightweight(ish) see notes


Inside the folder of your Hugo site run:

$ cd themes
$ git clone

For more information read the official setup guide of Hugo.

Example HUGO site config toml

baseURL= ""
languageCode= "en-gb"
title= "Example Site"
paginate = 3
theme = "comfortable-basic"
pluralizeListTitles = false
pygmentsUseClasses = true

  description = "This is a website!"
  metaDescription = "Used as 'description' meta tag for both home and index pages. If not set, 'description' will be used instead"
  author = "SOMEGUY"
  authorWebsite = ""
  titleSeperator = "/"
  useHighlightJS = true

  category = "categories"
  tag = "tags"

Content Architecture Example

This theme is meant for a simple blog with posts and a about page. To get the most from it is recommended to structure your content folder like this:

    | # This is the intro, it will appear at the
    |               top of the site on the homepage only
    | # This is the about page content
            # all markdown posts

Simple as that.


Recently added some better code syntax highlighting. Hugo has really good built-in highlighting using Chroma. Ran into some formatting issues with some code and extra white space being added. So have added Highlightjs as an alternative. This unfortunately has bumped the theme file size up with the extra JavaScript, and some additional fonts. So that is why Comfortable Basic is lightweight(ish) at around > 300kb.

Performance update A flag has been added to the theme config useHighlightJS = true that can be set to false to disable Highlightjs and just use Hugo's default syntax highlighting. This can save about 90Kb.


  • Optional logo support
  • Add image type posts
  • Handle multiple pages
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