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<title>C# based TFS Build Monitor Build Lights Readme</title>
<h2>VERSION 12.12</h2>

<h2>Building and Configuration</h2>
Developed under Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 7. The Unit test projects are VS2012 compatible
<li>The TfsUrl should be fully formed.  In my case it is https://[domain]/tfs/[namespace?]</li>
<li>This expects explicit credentials and does not support single sign on, that I know of</li>

<h2>Execution and configuration</h2>
Edit the App.config file and build the app.  There is no binary download at this time (12/12/12)
<li>Tell the system where your TFS connection information </li>
<li>Select the hardware device or the simulated device</li>
<li>The communication port/speed or ethernet device for a hardware build status light, depending how it is connected</li>
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