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FMPP - FreeMarker-based file PreProcessor

This is the README file that comes with the FMPP @VERSION@ distribution.

For the latest version, visit the FMPP website:

What is FMPP?

FMPP is a general-purpose text file preprocessing tool that uses FreeMarker
templates. It process entire directories recursively. It can be used for
generating complete static websites, source code, configuration files, etc.
It can insert data from sources like CSV, XML, and JSON into the generated
files. You can add new kind of data sources in Java.
FMPP can be used with UN*X-style command-line interface, or as Ant task, or
can be embedded into your application using its Java API.

FMPP was written in Java, thus it runs on all modern platforms (Windows,
"Linux", OS X, etc.).

FMPP is Free software under Apache License 2.0.


Open documentation.html (or docs/index.html)

Installing FMPP

See in the documentation (or just open docs/installing.html)

Building FMPP

Read BUILD.txt


FMPP is Free software released under Apache License 2.0. For more information
read the LICENSE.txt.

Note that the full FMPP distribution (but not fmpp.jar itself) contains
components from various copyright owners under different licenses. See
LICENSE.txt for more information.


This product includes software developed by the
Apache Software Foundation (

The documentation and Web site of this product uses
Entypo pictograms by Daniel Bruce (