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.NET library to query ANU Quantum Random Numbers Server

There are 2 projects in the solution

  • AnuQRandom: dll
  • FormTest: Test project for dll

To get the data use the object AQRandJSON

AQRandJSON j = new AQRandJSON();

then call the getBinary method

byte[] b = j.getBinary(DataType.hex16, 1010); //get array of bytes with 1010 elements

to get array of bytes

or use getString

string s = j.getString(1010); //get random 1010 characters

to get random string

Another method to get a random string is to use AQRand object that extract the data from the page

AQRand r = new AQRand();
string s = r.getString(2000);

The test project use AnuQRandom to get random data and set the text propriety of a textbox