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REMITT Electronic Medical Information Translation and Transmission

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What is REMITT?

(It is a recursive acronym.)

It is a system for translating documents from one format to another, then transmitting them. It was designed to be used for medical billing and claim submission using XML files. It uses XSLT and XML, and is written in Java as a J2EE application.

How do I install it?

This application should be able to be dropped into a Servlet container like Apache Tomcat and run with little to no configuration. The system property "" can point at a configuration file to override default config properties which are defined inside the war file.

(In Debian or Ubuntu packaged tomcat instances, you would add to the options passed to tomcat in /etc/defaults/tomcat or /etc/defaults/tomcat7, depending on the version you're using.)

You can also run it from source using Maven with mvn -Dorg.mortbay.jetty.Request.maxFormContentSize=6000000 jetty:run, or simply mvn jetty:run if you're not going to be testing large documents in the test harness.

The only prerequisite for installing this software is importing the database definitions from sql/*.sql into your working database server.

At the moment, MySQL is the supported / preferred database server. The remitt user should probably have all privileges on the remitt database, but also SELECT on mysql.proc (otherwise you'll need noAccessToProcedureBodies=true in the JDBC URL).

Tomcat7 on Debian

One caveat is that the autodetection of tomcat's base location will result in a log directory which is not writeable.

cd /usr/share/tomcat7 ; ln -s /var/lib/tomcat7/logs .

Remote Services Information

REST services are exposed at /remitt/services/rest/service/(functionname) and SOAP services are available through the WSDL at /remitt/services/interface?wsdl

Caveat: CXF does not support gzip compression in the current REMITT configuration, so please disable it in your client.

Who is responsible for this thing?

The primary author is Jeff Buchbinder, and the ownership of the code resides with the FreeMED Software Foundation.


REMITT Electronic Medical Information Translation and Transmission







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