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Freeminer version X.Y.Z.F based on minetest version X.Y.Z , minetest details at

Key differences from minetest:

Gameplay: Real liquids, weather, seasons

Core: fast reliable network protocol, fast multi-threaded server, utf8 chat, built in /stat command

Changelog (May 16, 2016)

  • Stability and speed fixes
  • kv lua api: now possible to use any custom db: core.kv_put('mykey', 'mydata', 'mydb'); core.kv_get('mykey', 'mydb'); 'mydb' is optional
  • Optional store auth database to leveldb, no huge auth.txt. to enable: auth_kv=1
  • Mapgen indev: huge noise based caves
  • Auto delete old items by default. push items up from solid blocks
  • Player punch move (small move on pvp hit or jump on tnt explode)
  • Show servers from local network in online server list.
  • Android: allow disable touch interface: touchscreen=0 (from config or settings menu: advanced - freeminer - client) (Aug 20, 2015)

  • Stability and speed fixes
  • liquid_pressure=1 (dev)
  • thread for abm apply
  • optional support old minetest protocol (to host servers for minetest players) to enable compile with -DMINETEST_PROTO=1
  • use bundled msgpack 1.1.0 (incompatible with 0.5.x in some packets where vector used)
  • timelapse=seconds option for automated screenshots
  • set any settings from command line: -key[=[value]] ./freeminer -name=herob ./freeminer "-name=hero brine" # value with spaces ./freeminer -autojump # set autojump to 1 ./freeminer -enable_fog= # set enable_fog to ""
  • android: gettext and luajit enabled (Feb 18, 2015)

  • Stability and speed fixes (Dec 25, 2014)

  • Lot of stability and speed fixes
  • use utf8 everywhere

Protocol (Incompatible with minetest now)

  • enet based networking (30x+ faster than before, more reliable)
  • msgpack based protocol (easy extendable, better backward compatibility)


  • Storing config to .json map_meta.txt will be auto converted to json optional for main config (if you want to start use: echo {} > freeminer.json and start freeminer)


  • Added stat viewer tool (shown by issuing /stat command)


  • Celestial object movement and angle tuned according to position in the world (0,0 is the equator)


  • Save and load lua tables as json to settings core.setting_setjson("tttt", {a1=2, b3=4, c5={e6=7,ff={1,2,3,4}}}) print("json readed: tttt.b3=" .. core.setting_getjson("tttt")["b3"] .. " full saved=" .. core.write_json( core.setting_getjson("tttt"))) (Nov 24, 2014)

  • License switched to GPLv3
  • Start using C++11 features
  • RUN_IN_PLACE is now true by default. ALL PACKAGE MAINTAINERS NEED TO ADD -DRUN_IN_PLACE=0 to build scripts
  • Lot of stability fixes


  • Basic mod debugging (reports broken recipes) mod_debugging = 1
  • Using more threads for server (server (processing packets), env(ABMs, steps, timers), liquid, map (lighting, map save), sendblock), removed envlock (lua is still singlethreaded). (Server step now 30-50 ms) Can be disabled by more_threads = 0 or cmake: -DENABLE_THREADS=0 (also disables locking)
  • Lots of speed optimizations
  • Rewritten pathfinder (Selat)
  • Circuit API (Selat)
  • Allow any player names enable_any_name = 1
  • Optimized block sending for farther range
  • Various death messages
  • Statistic collector (per player, per server, timed (daily, weekly, monthly))


  • Layers added to mapgen v5
  • Indev mapgen - enchanced v6 mapgen, features: Farlands - when moving to edges of map - higher mountains, larger biomes Floating islands (starts at ~ 500 , higher - bigger) Huge caves Water caves Underground layers (not only boring stone) config: games/default/mods/default/mapgen.lua : mg_indev = { ...
  • Math mapgen Generate various fractal worlds via Mandelbulber ( ) menger_sponge, hypercomplex, xenodreambuie, mandelbox, ... examples:
  • v5 mapgen

Core support for game features

Its enabled in freeminer's default game, but other games need to specify appropriate params
  • Real liquids Liquids act as liquid: flow down, keep constant volume, can fill holes and caves processing up to 50000 nodes per second
  • Weather (now fully adjustable) melting, freezing, seasons change, [ugly] snow and rain
  • Hot-cold nodes - can freeze-melt neighbour nodes (eg melt ice around torch/lava/fire/... )
  • sand/dirt/gravel now flows as liquid with one level
  • Drowning in sand/dirt/gravel
  • Liquids drop torches and plants


  • Clearing on-screen chat by invoking the /clear command
  • Fixed some input issues: not working numpad and some keys in azerty layout
  • Chat forms were replaced with console (opens up to 10% height of the screen)
  • Default keymap for console changed to tilde (~)
  • Farmesh - lose details on far meshes which allows rendering up to 1000 blocks (very dev) farmesh = 2
  • Unicode support in chat, inputs, player names
  • Minimap (gsmapper) (dev) hud_map = 1
  • Save user/pass for every server password_save = 1
  • Auto reconnect if connection lost
  • Initial shadows from objects shadows = 1


  • API for key-value storage (Selat)
  • Do not save not changed generated blocks (reduce base size 5-20x) save_generated_block = 0
  • Auto repair broken LevelDB
  • Initial support for LevelDB maintenance. Temporarily closes db for backups or mapper tools. killall -HUP freeminerserver; do something; killall -HUP freeminerserver


  • new param fast improving performance:
    • core.set_node(pos, node, fast) (might cause lighting bugs)
    • core.remove_node(pos, fast)


  • TNT mod
  • Bucket fixes

Incompatible with minetest:

  • Players data files saved to LevelDB storage
  • New LevelDB map key format: "a10,-11,12" instead of 64bit number (freeminer can read minetest maps, but writes to new format) (Jan 22, 2014)

  • Wieldlight. Grab a torch and see the magic. (Zeg9)
  • Texturable sun and moon. (RealBadAngel)
  • /die command
  • Directional fog + horizon colors, based on sun & moon positions at sunrise / sunset (MirceaKitsune)
  • Support for colors in chat; API is available for mods
  • LevelDB is now used as default backend whenever available. Official Windows build will ship with LevelDB support from now on.
  • Multiple columns in player list (TAB key).
  • Third person view, press F7 to cycle through available modes. (BlockMen)
  • A lot of boring bugfixes, performance improvements and other stuff. (Dec 6, 2013)

  • Greater FOV (field of view) when running. (Jeija)
  • Zoom a-la optifine (z key) (Exio4)
  • Force loading world: entities has new force_load attribute, when set the engine won't unload blocks near them. (Novatux)
  • New API method freeminer.swap_node which preserves node metadata while replacing it. (Novatux)
  • New main menu. (xyz)
  • Renamed minetest.conf to freeminer.conf
  • Renamed default minetest_game to default (Nov 28, 2013)

  • 99% lag-free; optimized server can handle 50-100-... players; no problems with laggy mods even on slow hardware
  • Much faster on client (VBO, can eat memory), increased view and send range (PilzAdam)
  • Directional fog + horizon colors based on sun & moon positions (MirceaKitsune #799 #772)
  • Adjustable dynamic weather and liquids (it's possible to define number of liquid levels in node)
  • Weather defined water or ice on map generation. (dirt_with_snow instead of dirt_with_grass and frozen oceans when too cold.)
  • Cave trees in huge caves (indev mapgen)
  • Optimized falling (much less mid-air stuck, limited max falling speed, more air control at high-speed falling)
  • Optimized headless client (you can run 30-50 bots on one PC)
  • Hell (very hot at -30500), everything melting and burning
  • Slippery (Zeg9 #817)
  • Diagonal Rail (khonkhortisan #528)
  • Improved (re)spawn (don't spawn in stone) (sweetbomber #744)
  • Player list, viewable by holding TAB key (sfan5 #958)
  • Improved math mapgen: more (10+) generators from, all params are adjustable
  • And some small bugfixes and improvements.


  • New node groups: freeze, melt, hot, cold (define temperatures); learn how to use them here
  • New node group: slippery
  • core.register_abm({…, action(…, neighbor)}) the action function has a new parameter called neighbor which will contain a node that was matched as a neighbor
  • core.register_abm({…, neighbors_range = 4}) maximum radius to search for a neighbor in (for example, melting snow in 4×4 area around torch)
  • core.get_surface (sapier #640)


  • Weather support (liquids freeze, melt; plants, trees growing; dirt transforms, ...)
  • Rain, snow
  • Melting stone at high temp (at -30600)
  • Slippery (ice, snow)
  • Biomes for mapgen v7 and math
  • Added sponge:sponge and sponge:iron
  • Weather defined tree and flowers growing
  • Dirt, sand and gravel will fall off the edges (try to build something ;)
  • Furnaces burn items even when they are unloaded
  • Moonflower (MirceaKitsune #175)
  • Small fixes