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Welcome to the FreeMiNT Project website

This website is a frontend for the freemint github repositories. If you would like to know more about FreeMiNT, the best place to start is the wiki. Best place to download/try latest builds is snapshots.

FreeMiNT Project

FreeMiNT project is a community based hub for several more or less related projects:

  • FreeMiNT (kernel)
  • XaAES (multitasking GEM AES replacement, part of FreeMiNT now)
  • MiNTlib (libc for FreeMiNT and TOS, a C standard library)
  • FDlibm (libm for FreeMiNT and TOS, a C math library)
  • GEMlib (GEM bindings for writing GEM apps)
  • MiNTbin (set of, mostly deprecated, tools for manipulation of (Free)MiNT binaries)
  • git (experimental fork for FreeMiNT of the popular version control system)
  • m68k-atari-mint-gcc (gcc for FreeMiNT)
  • m68k-atari-mint-binutils-gdb (binutils and gdb for FreeMiNT)
  • (project website sources, you're reading it)

Those are the main (and most important) projects. There are several affiliated repositories, either for historical reasons or because the former SpareMiNT CVS server hosted them:

  • CFLib (extension library for GEM programming)
  • gemma (SLB based GEM library)
  • HighWire (GEM web browser)
  • init scripts (basic shell scripts for system startup)
  • init (/sbin/init and related programs)
  • oVDI (Odd Skancke's VDI project)
  • Phoenix (database GEM app)
  • QED (GEM text editor)
  • Smurf (GEM painting app)
  • tos.hyp (most complete programmer's reference for TOS/GEM programming)
  • vlogin (VDI login)
  • xg (X11 6.4 for GEM)
  • sparemint (SpareMiNT website and archive, predecessor of this hub; github mirror here)



Official releases (mostly source only):


Latest binary snapshots (built after each commit):

  • FreeMiNT and XaAES: Download (bootable, preconfigured and maintained archives for the ST, 020+ machines and the FireBee); alternatively you might be interested in the "old school" builds done for all CPU combinations, with the original file tree structure as on
    • trunk: Download (master branch)
    • helmut: Download (Helmut Karlowski's branch)
    • freemint-1_18: Download (FreeMiNT 1.18 branch)
  • MiNTlib
  • FDlibm
  • GEMlib
  • CFLib
  • gemma
  • MiNTbin
  • QED

Get in touch

Right now, the best place to get in touch is the (new) FreeMiNT Mailing List where all (more or less) FreeMiNT related things are discussed. If you want to contribute or found a bug, check out our wiki page and/or file an issue.

The old mailing list can be found here:, all the way back from 1993 to 2016/2017.

The archive above also contains the short-lived attempt to have an AtariForge-hosted mailing list (from 05/2016 to 10/2017).


  • Johann-Tobias Schäg, for kindly letting us have the freemint name on github
  • Rob Mahlert, for keeping alive for so long and offering his server and domain for Atari projects