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serial port mapping
Every driver support two devices for each port, one HSMODEM device
and one Unix terminal device.
HSMODEM devices use the traditional Atari port names. UNIX terminal devices
are always called ttyS followed by a number:
port names on the machines:
HSMODEM terminal
device device ST MegaSTE TT Falcon Hades Milan
modem1 ttyS0 MODEM MODEM1 MODEM1 - unknown MFP port
modem2 ttyS1 - MODEM2 MODEM2 MODEM2 unknown UART1 (2f8)
serial1 ttyS2 - - SERIAL1 - unknown -
serial2 ttyS3 - SERIAL2 SERIAL2 - unknown UART2 (3f8)
lan ttyS4 - LAN LAN LAN unknown -
midi ttyS5 Midi Midi Midi Midi unknown -
NOTE: Serial2 and LAN are mutually exclusive, on the MegaSTE and
TT; selecting Serial2 disables LAN and vice-versa, because
they both use SCC-A
Frank Naumann
Magdeburg, 03.05.2000
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