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FreeNAS documentation is stored as ASCII text files with .rst extensions in the FreeNAS source repository. The FreeNAS Project uses the Sphinx Python documentation generator to generate documentation in HTML format. Anyone can download the documentation source and generate their own copy of the documentation in HTML or PDF formats. Users with a github account can also edit the documentation and generate git pull requests for their edits to be reviewed and committed. This README contains instructions for getting the source, generating a copy of the documentation, and issuing a git pull request. It assumes that the reader is using these instructions on either a FreeBSD/TrueOS system or a FreeBSD jail.


Perl must be installed.

The following software must be installed at minimum. If this is the first time pkg has been used on the system, it fetches and installs itself. Say yes to the prompts to do so. Once it has completed, finish installing the needed software.

Instructions are given for both ports and packages, as some software might not have a package. Try the pkg command first, as it is faster. If the pkg command succeeds, it is not necessary to run the make command as the software is already installed; however if it fails, use the make command to install the software. If the software is already installed, the pkg command will indicate that the most recent version is already installed.

portsnap fetch extract
pkg install devel/git                            (make -C /usr/ports/devel/git install clean)
pkg install textproc/py-sphinx                   (make -C /usr/ports/textproc/py-sphinx install clean)
pkg install textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-httpdomain (make -C /usr/ports/textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-httpdomain install clean)

To generate a PDF version of the documentation, this software also must be installed:

pkg install print/tex-formats  (make -C /usr/ports/print/tex-formats install clean)
pkg install print/tex-dvipdfmx (make -C /usr/ports/print/tex-dvipdfmx install clean)
pkg install print/tex-dvipsk   (make -C /usr/ports/print/tex-dvipsk install clean)
pkg install print/tex-xetex    (make -C /usr/ports/print/tex-xetex install clean)
pkg install devel/gmake        (make -C /usr/ports/devel/gmake install clean)

Choose a place to store the source code and change to that directory (we will refer to it as /path/to/your-build-directory). Then check out the source code from git:

cd /path/to/your-build-directory
git clone git://
cd freenas-docs/userguide

Building the Documentation

All of these commands are run from /path/to/your-build-directory/freenas/docs/userguide. The formats available are HTML, single HTML, PDF, and EPUB. The path to the rendered output files is displayed at the end of the build.

To build the document in HTML with a separate page for each chapter and a left frame with the table of contents:

make html

This is the same format that is published at

To build one long HTML page with the entire table of contents in the left frame, use:

make singlehtml

To build a PDF:

make pdf

To build an EPUB:

make epub

Editing the Documentation

To edit the User Guide, make changes to the *.rst files using any ASCII text editor. Refer to for help with formatting syntax. Refer to for a list of reST editors.

Need help getting started or want to discuss edits? Join the mailing list.

To issue a git pull request for your edits, use the instructions at