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Here's a snapshot of FreeBSD 8.2-based FreeNAS.  It features a move to
the /etc/rc.d startup scripting, a move to a Django-based GUI and
should set the stage for a more modular system in the future.

This snapshot is for developers and very experienced users only.  It
is not functionally complete yet, and there are likely many rough
edges.  The code is of alpha quality.  It has no safeguards against
accidentally initializing a previously configured volume, zpool or
raid mirror.  No support for software raid exists in this release
(only single disks and zfs).  There's no upgrade path for this
snapshot (no conversion from old releases, no in-place firmware
upgrades like FreeNAS 0.7 and earlier had, etc).  There is no way to
import old volumes.  This snapshot should be viewed as a technology
preview only.

The GUI is currently incomplete.  You can configure your network
address, some misc system configuration, ssh, ftp, tftp, cifs/samba,
afp, smnp and nfs.  All the GUI screens should work at least to the
point of saving the data to the database.

The GUI should behave basically the same as 0.7's GUI, but there are
some differences.  The biggest differences are in configuring disks.
You need to add one of the disks (there's no safeguards against adding
the same disk multiple times, adding the system disk, etc).  Once you
add the disk to the system via the GUI, you need to create a disk
group (even for groups of 1).  Then you can create a volume that is
the basis for all further things in the system.

The GUI does not yet replicate the file chooser functionality for
pathnames that the old system had.  You'll have to type the path.

To build the system (experts only):

Native builds on amd64 and i386 work.  You can build i386 binaries
on a FreeBSD/amd64 system by setting FREENAS_ARCH=i386 in your

To build the system:

(1) Checkout the experimental code from svn:

% svn co
% cd trunk

(2) Use the build script (substituting your favorite cvsup mirror)

% sudo sh build/
% sudo sh build/ -b
% sudo sh build/

That's it.  If you are rebuilding, just use the last two lines of
#2.  When updating source patches and/or ports, you may need to some
additional steps by hand.  The above is known to work on a FreeBSD
8.1R system, FreeBSD 8-stable and has in the past worked on a
FreeBSD-current system.

Once (2) completes, you'll have an image in
obj.yyyy/FreeNAS-8rXXXX-yyyy.full where XXXX is the svn revision from
the freenas repo, and yyyy is either i386 or amd64 depending on your
platform.  This is a raw disk image, and needs to be converted to your
favorite VM container format before use...  Alternatively, there will
also be a obj.yyy/FreeNAS-8rXXXX-yyyy.full.iso that contains an ISO
image that you can use to install FreeNAS with.
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