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TrueNAS-9.10.2-U5 TrueNAS-9.10.2-U2 TrueNAS-9.10-RELEASE TrueNAS-9.3-STABLE-201511030016 TN-11.0-u2.1 TN-11.0-U2.2 TN-11.0-U2 TN-9.10.2-U4 TN-9.10.2-U3 TN-9.10.1-U2 TN-9.3-STABLE-201602032047 TN-9.3-STABLE-201512161903 TN-9.3-STABLE-201511180607 TN-9.3-STABLE-201510080155 TN-9.3-STABLE-201506300138 TN-9.3-STABLE-201505130613 TN-9.3-STABLE-201504162155 TN-9.3-STABLE-201503270306 TN-9.3-RELEASE TN-9.3-BETA TN- TN- TN- TN- TN- LAST-WORKING-COPY FreeNAS-9.10.2-U5 FreeNAS-9.10-STABLE-201603252134 FN-10.2-ALPHA FN-9.10.2 FN-9.10-STABLE-201604261518 FN-9.10-STABLE-201604181743 FN-9.10-RELEASE 11.0-U4 11.0-U3 11.0-U2 11.0-U1 11.0-RELEASE 11.0-RC4 11.0-RC3 11.0-RC2 11.0-RC 9.10.2-U3 9.10.1 9.10.1-U4 9.10.1-U3 9.10.1-U2.1 9.10-STABLE-201606072003 9.10-STABLE-201605240427 9.10-STABLE-201603252134 9.3.1-STABLE-201604120241 9.3.1-STABLE-201511280648 9.3.1-STABLE-201511040813 9.3.1-STABLE-201511020249 9.3.1-STABLE-201509282017 9.3.1-STABLE-201509160044 9.3.1-STABLE-201508250051 9.3-STABLE-201605170422 9.3-STABLE-201604202233 9.3-STABLE-201604112122 9.3-STABLE-201604041648 9.3-STABLE-201602031011 9.3-STABLE-201602030118 9.3-STABLE-201602020212 9.3-STABLE-201601181840 9.3-STABLE-201512121950 9.3-STABLE-201508250051 9.3-STABLE-201506292332 9.3-STABLE-201506232120 9.3-STABLE-201506222346 9.3-STABLE-201506162331 9.3-STABLE-201506042008 9.3-STABLE-201506040752 9.3-STABLE-201505130355 9.3-STABLE-201505100553 9.3-STABLE-201505040117 9.3-STABLE-201505010007 9.3-STABLE-201504292314 9.3-STABLE-201504152200 9.3-STABLE-201504100216 9.3-STABLE-201503270027 9.3-STABLE-201502271848 9.3-STABLE-201502270347 9.3-STABLE-201502232343 9.3-STABLE-201502210408 9.3-STABLE-201502110539 9.3-STABLE-201502060145 9.3-STABLE-201502040431 9.3-STABLE-201501301925 9.3-STABLE-201501241715 9.3-STABLE-201501212105 9.3-STABLE-201501162230 9.3-STABLE-201501151844 9.3-STABLE-201501090144 9.3-STABLE-201412312006 9.3-STABLE-201412301712 9.3-STABLE-201412300101 9.3-STABLE-201412240734 9.3-STABLE-201412200530 9.3-STABLE-201412142326
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account fix(gui): one more place forgotten for last commit Aug 31, 2017
api Allow users to access guests VNC via web if enabled. (#305) Sep 8, 2017
common feat(middleware): Add ability to add multiple Subject Alternate Names… ( Sep 18, 2017
contrib fix(gui): encoding of ip addresses in fields Mar 10, 2017
directoryservice Fix 25821 (#309) Sep 22, 2017
documentation fix(gui): remove patterns Dec 28, 2016
dojango Remove dojo 1.7.2 from the tree Aug 15, 2012
fnstatic As of django 1.3 STATIC_URL and MEDIA_URL are different things and sh… Jan 9, 2012
freeadmin Merge pull request #312 from freenas/FIX-7493 Sep 25, 2017
jails feat(pep): Remove white space. Jun 30, 2017
locale fix(locale): zh_CN -> zh_hans; zh_TW -> zh_Hant Jun 21, 2017
middleware rm(notifier): unused var Sep 25, 2017
network feat(gui): disable failover LAGG in HA Sep 20, 2017
plugins fix(gui): start threads in a context manager so they get killed May 30, 2017
reporting Remove this first cache (will have to find some other way to solve th… Jun 21, 2017
services fix(gui): Fix DynDNS migrations Sep 25, 2017
sharing feat(gui): Time Machine Quotas (OSX Server Style) Sep 8, 2017
storage fix(gui): typo in manual volume creation Sep 13, 2017
support feat(gui): use middleware to create a new support ticket Jul 5, 2017
system Fix 25821 (#309) Sep 22, 2017
tasks feat(gui): Add enable/disabled option for Init/Shutdown Scripts Aug 25, 2017
templates Merge pull request #312 from freenas/FIX-7493 Sep 25, 2017
tools fix(snmp): Large SNMP improvement Sep 6, 2017
vcp feat(pep): Respect PEP, remove unused modules and remove unused varia… Jun 30, 2017
vm Allow users to access guests VNC via web if enabled. (#305) Sep 8, 2017
__init__.py Use correct name in copyright Aug 29, 2011
choices.py Merge pull request #312 from freenas/FIX-7493 Sep 25, 2017
manage.py fix(gui): bring back sys.path once for all. Jan 10, 2017
settings.py This slipped in by accident May 20, 2017
urls.py feat(api): add dataset resource as a first class citizen Jul 25, 2017
wsgi.py fix(gui): bootstrap the GUI on wsgi load Apr 12, 2017