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FreeNAS Angular UI
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FreeNAS 11 WebUI

Build Status

This is the project for the new WebUI for FreeNAS 11. It is meant to coexist with current FreeNAS 11 Django/Dojo WebUI.

Development requirements

  • yarn >= 1.12
  • Node.js >= 8.9
  • Running FreeNAS 11 Nightly Machine (VM is fine)

Getting started

Install the development requirements (FreeBSD 11 or later):

# pkg install yarn

Checkout FreeNAS git repository:

$ git clone
$ cd webui

Install yarn packages:

$ yarn install

Run the environment configuration script (if your ip address changes later you may repeat this step)

$ ./setup_env.js -i <ip address or FQDN of the server where FreeNAS is running>

To start run yarn start

This runs a local webserver with the new WebUI, by default at http://localhost:4200. If this webserver is kept running, changes to the project will be rebuilt incrementally.

To test AOT in dev mode run

yarn run start:dev:aot

To run the production build, run

yarn run build:prod:aot

Getting errors about missing packages?

yarn install

Getting permission errors or Failed messages when trying to run yarn start?

From the webui repo

rm -rf node_modules (may need root)
rm yarn.lock 
yarn cache clean --force
yarn install

This should bring the yarn environment back to a useable state.

Translating Text to Other Languages

To extract all of the strings from the project to be translated run: yarn run extract

This will update all of the PO files located in the directory src/assets/i18n. These can be edited with any PO editor.

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