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A hack by Johan Uhle at Music Hack Day New York 2011

For more info on this hack, see the wiki page of the Music Hack Day:

== Used stuff ==
 * Mac OS X 10.6.
 * Ruby 1.9.2
 * Gems
  * Bundler
  * SoundCloud
  * osc-ruby
 * OSCulator
 * Ableton Live
 * Soundflower

== Installation/Usage ==
  * Create a settings.rb and enter your SoundCloud Client Credentials and your AccessToken
  * Start Ableton Live, OSCulator, SoundFlower
  * Make sure, that SoundFlower 2CH is active.
  * Set SoundFlower 2CH as standard Output in Mac OS X.
  * Make sure, that SoundFlower is Input on the track in Ableton you want to record to
  * Make sure, that Ableton has correct MIDI mapping (maybe remap with the help with the help of OSCulator)
    * OSC/abletonlive/record (CC100/Channel10) on "Play next scene"
    * OSC/abletonlive/stop (CC100/Channel11) on "
  * Make sure, that track you record to in Ableton is armed for record, record on Scene Launch is on, Scene highlight is on first scene you want to record on
  * Make sure, that the folder /temp exists and is writable

== More Stuff ==
To get the Audio into Ableton Live, I use SoundFlower. There is probably a nicer way, to get it Files into Live directly (AppleScript? Max4Live?).

I did not found a good gem to do MIDI output in Ruby, so I used osc-ruby and OSCulator to send MIDI to Ableton Live.

Changing the SoundCloud query is pretty easy and can alter totally, how this works.