Some command-line tools for the TeleTask service of the HPI Potsdam university
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My university, the Hasso-Plattner-Institute in Potsdam/Germany, has an extensive online repository of recorded lecture videos at Sadly the website is not an engineering highlight. Thus most people just want to fetch the video assets and consume them in other ways. Boom, this script should help you.


It's a ruby script. I used ruby 2.0 for development, but it should also run with ruby 1.9.x. Packet management is done via bundler.

  gem install bundler
  bundle install

To download videos you need the wget tool. It usually ships with your OS, otherwise you can use your favorite packet management tool to download it, e.g. via brew install wget or apt-get install wget.


As input you always need to provide a feed url. You can obtain the url from Teletask on the lecture page on the right top corner. It's not the rss-logo (Lecture-Feed of Series) but the iTunes-y cube next to it (Feed of Series).

Feed to XSPF

ruby teletask-cli.rb --xspf ruby teletask-cli.rb -x

XSPF is a playlist format that can be read by many popular media players, e.g. VLC. It also accepts urls, thus you can stream right away.

The cli option --xspf accepts a url to a series-feed on Teletask. The generated output.xspf links directly to the .mp4 assets on the Teletask servers. You should be able to drag-and-drop the xspf playlist into your favorite player and stream the videos directly.

Download videos

ruby teletask-cli.rb --download ruby teletask-cli.rb -d

You can download all .mp4 video assets by using the -x cli option with the feed url. The files will be saved with the original file names in the folder you executed the script in. Downloading happens via wget.


Fork away. I'm happy to accept pull requests, there is a lot of stuff to be added.