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Freenet for Debian/Ubuntu

This repository contains files needed to build .deb packages for Freenet. This is still in an early development stage - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

In particular, the directory structure has not yet been finalised, and may be changed in future revisions. To keep things simple, for now we make no effort to do automatic file migrations, which means your node may lose its settings and user data after an upgrade.


Install dependencies as listed under Build-Depends in debian/control:

# aptitude install equivs devscripts
# mk-build-deps -i

Then you can build a Debian package from this repository directly. Brief instructions are:

$ git submodule update --init
$ debian/rules vcs-mk-origtargz # if it doesn't already exist
$ debuild -uc -us

For more details, including more fine-grained tools you can use to take you through individual parts of the build process, see the Debian New Maintainer's Guide, Debian Developers' Reference, and various online documentation on debhelper and javahelper. See man fhs and the Debian Java FAQ for a guide to the layout of the installed files.