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Revert "Tweak peers limit by bandwidth SCALING_CONSTANT: Lots of peer…

…s are on the high end of the peers limit. Reduce the multiplier, so it takes more bandwidth to have 40 peers; this should improve the average bandwidth per connection."

This reverts commit cb21f7d.

There seems to be a consensus that this has reduced performance, including from evanbd, who suggested it in the first place. The objective numbers are rather unclear mind you.
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toad committed Jun 21, 2012
1 parent 4b5442a commit 65836e70e44c53de4e658ba0e9d28cac94dee154
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@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ public void shouldUpdate(){
/** Constant for scaling peers: we multiply bandwidth in kB/sec by this
* and then take the square root. 12 gives 11 at 10K, 15 at 20K, 19 at
* 30K, 26 at 60K, 34 at 100K, 40 at 140K. */
- public static final double SCALING_CONSTANT = 6.0;
+ public static final double SCALING_CONSTANT = 12.0;
/** Minimum number of peers */
public static final int MIN_PEERS_FOR_SCALING = 10;
/** Maximum number of peers. */

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