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Freenet 0.7.5 build 1476 is now available. [overview]

- efficiency improvements: routing for fast nodes and spare bitmaps
- a new gif filter with improved security
- improved maintainability by replacing custom code with standard code
- show update info alongside bookmarks
- ssl fixes
- update plugins: Sharesite 0.4.4, Library v37, Freereader 6

Thank you for using Freenet!

- Arne Babenhauserheide

Developer changelog:


Changes in 1476:

- FOAF efficiency enhancements for fast nodes
- gif filter
- ssl fixes
- logger fix
- spare bitmap efficiency
- reduce custom code
- show semi-persistent update info next to bookmarks
- plugin updates: Sharesite 0.4.4, Library v37, Freereader 6

Thank you to all involved!

- Arne Babenhauserheide

Sharesite changes from 0.2.7 to 0.4.4:

- provide default content as nicer example
- add explicit path option
- add insertHour to restrict the upload time
- show the current UTC hour next to the insertHour setting
- add random wait time of at most the remaining seconds in the insertHour to mask clicking insert during the insertHour.
- parse description as textile
- syntax help: show block elements first
- link to style.css at the bottom
- footer: link to the latest version of Sharesite
- thanks to banbananabans@CQUZ... from FMS for lots of feedback

Sharesite changes:

Arne Babenhauserheide (16):
      import patch
      more syntax help
      better code help and blockquote help
      help: add strong again
      hopefully really breaking block
      only redirect to edit if not preview clicked.
      rename ChangeLog to NEWS, because it is user-facing, not developer facing (as by the GNU coding guidelines).
      prepared version 0.2.1
      add Image syntax help.
      help: {toc} only works as only element in the line
      mention that the h. headline tags are what are used to form the contents text
      syntax: note that to the left is the syntax
      Added tag 0.2.8 for changeset efb842bd4f73
      Added signature for changeset 7f938354de9c
      increase realVersion and version
      0.4.4 with updated ant

drak@kaverne (91):
      fix localization and other minor stuff
      actually switch to an exact copy of the ShareWiki b17 source.
      add missing activelink template.
      review everything except for mylyn
      fix whitespace in review notes.
      Document the last version of textile-j under LGPL
      Compiling with Textile-J works.
      Removed mylyn stuff (under EPL).
      Use LGPL 2.1 as License, since I may now do that after replacing mylyn wikitext with textile-j, since the original author of sharelink could only have shared this (legally) under a GPL compatible license.
      add basic syntax help
      update l10n
      add syntax help {toc}
      include the NEWS in the source tarball.
      rename plugin to Sharesite
      keep the backup format the same: loads ShareWiki backups
      update version to 0.2.2 with realVersion 2
      update NEWS
      actually move to Sharesite
      replace freesite URL
      link to the Sharesite Freesite instead of ShareLink
      template: Add ids for header and footer to simplify CSS design
      more consistent IDs for CSS
      harmonize coding style
      harmonize coding style
      added an activelinkUri field.
      todo: discuss using a redirect for the activelink
      increment version to 0.2.4
      Added tag 0.2.4 for changeset f6689b03c70c
      Added signature for changeset be98370f3504
      increment build number to 27
      add NEWS entry for 0.2.4
      Added signature for changeset 03a85d80dfae
      fix: compare strings with .equals()
      update version and build number.
      Added tag 0.2.5 for changeset 4489ccf64d09
      Added signature for changeset 038bde8cbc27
      improve news
      activelink: note that the URI must be SSK or CHK
      prepare 0.2.6
      add a very basic Makefile
      prepare version 0.2.7
      fix Makefile a bit and update build number.
      Added tag 0.2.7 for changeset 06c3625ff20b
      Added signature for changeset cd12c2e21dad
      Added signature for changeset e3c31f3768f3
      syntax help, block elem first plus tabify
      parse description as textile and name content content. Thanks to banbananabans@CQUZ... from FMS
      also link to style.css at the bottom
      Add explicit path option
      also use the path for the link in the inserter and the site list
      footer: link to the latest version of Sharesite
      Update NEWS file
      ensure that getPath always has something to return
      url encode / in paths, because it breaks preview and insert.
      template: enclose description by div, not by p
      allow restricting inserts to a certain hour of the day
      improve UI strings
      fix source selection in Makefile
      allow setting the upload time to a random hour
      FIX: adjusted just the parameter, not the attribute
      Added signature for changeset 76c0e45f2bee
      merge git tag and hg sign
      update NEWS
      add TODO for a random wait time.
      Makefile: Always run ant clean before ant dist
      get the version of the running plugin instance, not the plugin class.
      add a random wait time within the selected hour interval to mask triggering an insert in that hour
      public static final -> private static final *happy*
      Increase version to 0.4.0: We now support convenient anonymous usage
      update NEWS
      textilej: add a special case for freenet keys (thank you, you know who you are)
      file bugs to keep the feature requests from FMS
      add a template for the initial content (preparation to ease starting to write)
      show insertHour setting after the path (at the top)
      version 0.4.1
      insertHour below content field
      add default content
      update NEWS
      Added tag 0.4.1 for changeset 2a59727908b1
      Added signature for changeset 7d4d68e90ef7
      switch to Java 1.7 as source and target
      use try-with-resources to avoid resource leaks. Thanks to Bombe\!
      cleanup whitespace
      add show current utc time bug
      Show the current UTC hour next to the InsertHour field
      FIX: used wrong replacement value for current utc hour
      update to 0.4.2
      remove unused variable, thanks to Bombe
      Added tag 0.4.2 for changeset df61855bf1ad
      Added signature for changeset 7e2afe9b55ca
      ant: add a copy task to provide a Sharesite.jar for the release scripts

Freereader changes:

Alexandre Rio (3):
      Change installation process for official plugins
      Remove unnecessary detailed explanation
      Replace svnVersion number with gitVersion

Florent Daigniere (4):
      update the URL to get jaxen-1.1.1 from
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/AlexandreRio/plugin-Freereader into AlexandreRio-master
      Merge branch 'AlexandreRio-master'
      Release v6

Library changes:

KingSloth (1):
      Fix NullPointerException on old or negative USK edition

RdrOfTheSt0rm (2):
      use freds logger
      adjust logging levels

Steve Dougherty (1):
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'RdrOfTheSt0rm/use-fred-logger'

myself (1):
      Merge branch 'ksloth-fix-npe' of github.com:bertm/plugin-Library

Arne Babenhauserheide (2):
      Update Sharesite to 0.4.4
      Update Library to v37

Arne Babenhauserheide (freenet releases) (2):
      Update default bookmark editions
      Build 1476

Bert Massop (35):
      Always keep FOAF locations sorted
      Reduce algorithmic complexity of FOAF routing
      PeerLocation: avoid autoboxing, replace list with array
      PeerLocation: avoid NullPointerException
      PeerLocation: add unit test and fix discovered bugs
      PeerLocationTest: additional paranoia
      Implement GIF87a filter
      Add support for GIF89a
      Throw user-readable exception on EOFException
      Fix missing block termination
      Add support for Netscape GIF Loop Extension
      Improve GIFFilter documentation
      Add GIFFilter error messages to l10n
      Update GIFFilter status
      Simplify condition
      Use IMAGE_SEPARATOR constant appropriately
      Actually filter GIF87a instead of just preparing for it
      Add unit test for GIFFilter
      Get rid of some asserts; clamp the values instead
      Make SSL work on Java 8+
      Extend self-signed certificate life to 10 years
      Switch to non-outdated high-security SSL crypto
      Improve SSL error messages
      Factor out magic values for SSL
      nextgens suggested to use 256-bit ECDSA instead
      Improve SparseBitmap efficiency
      Rewrite BitArray to use BitSet internally
      Use LinkedList instead of our own DoublyLinkedList
      Move LimitedEnumeration into its sole using class
      Remove unused LimitedRangeIntByteArrayMap
      Deprecate SortedIntSet, document its peculiarities and simplify
      Remove unused Timer
      Integer.hashCode() is not available on Java 7; just use the value
      Improve clarity and brevity of SortedIntSet
      Add unit test for SortedIntSet

Florent Daigniere (1):
      Display the default value as intended

drak@kaverne (2):
      fix update uri notes
      update NEWS file

xor-freenet (9):
      BookmarkItem: Remove unused constructor...
      BookmarkItem: Store the belonging BookmarkManager
      BookmarkItem: Persist "Bookmark Updated" user alerts across restarts
      BookmarkManager: Fix losing update alerts if shutting down <5 min after     them
      FProxy bookmarks: Mark updated ones with bold link
      FProxy bookmarks: Add button to dismiss update notifications
      FProxy bookmarks: After clicking the dismiss button go back to same     section of page
      Fix whitespace to adhere to Google Java Style Guide
      Remove trivially obvious comment