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Perl support for Freenet

This is still very preliminary, you can connect to the server and send/received 
messages including data. Some examples are in and in

There is no support for waiting for or polling messages yet, so longer 
operations will probably not work and you cannot start more than one operation 
unless you take care of sorting the progress messages yourself.

Right now there is no Makefile.PL nor PPM, you can either keep the Freenet 
directory in your local dir or copy them to lib/perl/<version>/

There are quite a few things missing, e.g. Perldoc.

I am developing the library under Windows only (Vista and XP) with ActiveState 
Perl 5.8.8, but it has been tested under Linux as well.

For feedback about the code, please use devel@P7LnnR2qMOTZdYbBa_teC92vTLQ in 
Frost [MAILBOX], use the bug tracker at 
(perlFreenet), post on fms or send me a freemail at devel@devel.freemail

Thats all for now, I'll leave you to finding your own bugs ...