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SUMMARY (detailed changelog is below)

This is an intermediate maintenance build which caters mostly to
developers, testers and paranoid users.
Especially Freenet core developers shall benefit from its two primary

1) It prepares WoT for the removal of the library freenet-ext.jar and
   its contained db4o library from Freenet.
   It does so by bundling db4o inside WoT's JAR and making WoT
   independent from the naming of the JARs which Freenet depends on.

2) The cloud service Travis CI, which was previously only used for
   running WoT unit tests, now automatically uploads the resulting
   WoT binary to Freenet after it has compiled and tested it.

Users and testers can also benefit from aspect 2 by using it to have an
independent service validate that the published WoT binary matches the
source code, see the below full changelog at issue 0007018.

The bundling of db4o should in theory work on existing Freenet
installations where db4o is both contained in Freenet and in WoT - but
it would be nice to have some confirmation from testers that this does
indeed work on various operating systems and Java versions.
So feedback on whether it works on your installation would be


Make sure to backup the WebOfTrust directory (located in the directory
Freenet is installed to) before you use this!

Easy high level testing:
- Check the Community / Statistics page for unusual stuff. E.g.:
  - Data loss, e.g. decreasing count of own identities, non-own
    identities or trust values as compared to your database before
    installation of the testing version.
  - High count of "Failed files" at the Identity file queue / Identity
    file processor section.
  - No significant progress in average downloaded / queued / processed
    identity XML files  even after a day of uptime.

Tedious low level testing:
- Check "freenet-latest.log" for ERRORs of plugins.WebOfTrust.*
  You can filter for this by configuring logging as:
  - Set "Minimum priority to log messages at" to "NONE".
  - Set "Detailed priority thresholds" to "plugins.WebOfTrust:ERROR".
    Now any logging except WoT errors is disabled.
  Besides you should probably increase "Log rotation interval" to
  "48HOUR" (yes, no S in HOUR), the default is very low, 1 hour IIRC.
  Before you report anything from the log file make VERY sure to review
  it for private data! It might even contain the secret insert URIs of
  your identities!


Until it has been shipped with a Freenet release this build is available
using "WebOfTrust Testing Versions" at "Configuration / Plugins" of a
standard Freenet node.
You need to unload the regular WoT first!

CHANGELOG - prefixed with the bugtracker issue number

- 0007018: [Code quality] Travis CI: Upload WebOfTrust.jar to Freenet
           using pyFreenet (xor)

  Travis CI is a cloud service which allows us to automatically compile
  WoT from the source code and run the unit tests.

  WoT's Travis script has been amended to spawn a Freenet node and
  upload the compiled WoT binary to Freenet.
  This can be a great stress reduction for release managers as the trust
  they need to put into the security of their machine is greatly reduced
  if they can choose to build the binaries elsewhere.
  The overall security of that might be a bit better because Travis is a
  large, widely used service and thereby they have more resources at
  hand to ensure a secure infrastructure.
  Further users can use it as a third-party verification that we didn't
  put secret code into the binaries before we uploaded them (see below).

  To obtain the Freenet URI of an uploaded WoT JAR search the raw Travis
  job log for "CHK@". Jobs are at:
  For every build there are usually different jobs for various Java
  versions. For WoT testing releases I will be using the CHK as compiled
  by OpenJDK in the version which is the minimal requirement of Freenet
  at time of the release. For this WoT release that is OpenJDK 7.

  The JAR will only be uploaded if compiling and testing did succeed,
  otherwise there will be no CHK@ in the output.

  If Freenet release managers choose to use Travis CI for compiling then
  the CHK@ URI which they put into fred will match what Travis CI has
  published in the build job for the git tag build0020 (= commit
  "Version 0.4.5 build0020") of this release.
  As the CHK contains a strong hash of the file it being identical
  proves that it indeed serves the same file as Travis CI produced.
  Once testing of this build is finished and it has been released as
  part of a regular Freenet release you can check the CHK@ in the
  following file of the fred repository:
  which is hosted at

  While this release is still in testing verification works differently
  because the testing URI is an USK:
  Download the Travis CHK and the testing USK (listed in the above
  file) and compare a checksum of the resulting file, e.g. with the
  sha256sum command.

- 0006737: [Code quality] Prepare for fred's removal of freenet-ext.jar
           and db4o

  Freenet build01482 is scheduled to split up freenet-ext.jar into
  multiple JARs, and during this procedure remove db4o from the set of
  JARs which Freenet ships.

  To prepare for that, the following has been done:

  - the WoT build script has been amended to bundle db4o in WoT's own
    JAR. To achieve that a db4o-7.4 repository has been extracted from
    the Freenet "contrib" repository.
    WoT's build script has been amended to automatically clone that git
    repository and compile db4o locally.
    To ensure the least possible effort is required by Freenet release
    managers in validating that these db4o binaries match what had been
    deployed as part of freenet-ext previously, the following steps were
      - the db4o-7.4 repository is pulled by the build script using a
        "git submodule" which ensures that the specific commit which is
        pulled is hardcoded into the WoT repository and can only be
        changed manually by whoever has push access to the WoT
        repository hosted by Freenet.
        This means that I can host the db4o-7.4 repository on my own
        GitHub account (xor-freenet) WITHOUT being able to change what
        people get when they pull WoT from Freenet's GitHub.
        In turn Freenet does not have to host a clone of the db4o
        repository on their own.
      - the db4o-7.4 repository was extracted from Freenet's contrib
        repository, not from the original db4o SVN. This allows Freenet
        release managers to simply use:
          $ git verify-tag v29
          $ gitk v29..HEAD
        to see what has changed between the deployed freenet-ext and
        the new db4o-7.4 repository.
        Keeping the db4o version which WoT uses as close to what it has
        been using previously is critically important because my test
        runs have shown that newer db4o versions trigger severe bugs.
        That is also why the repository is called "db4o-7.4" instead of
        just "db4o" - to document that WoT currently needs precisely that
        Once I am ready to deal with fixing the bugs triggered by newer
        versions I will publish the original db4o SVN repository as a
        git repository called "db4o" and switch WoT to use that. So the
        db4o commit history is not lost yet :)

  - WoT's build script has been changed to not hardcode any specific
    filenames of JARs which fred and thereby WoT needs as dependencies.
    Instead all JARs in the directory
    are included on the classpath when building WoT. That directory is
    populated if fred is built with:
      $ ./gradlew jar copyRuntimeLibs
    To allow you to test whether the WoT builder finds all JARs a new
    Ant task was introduced:
      $ ant print-libs
    It should show all runtime dependencies of fred (see its Gradle
    build file), plus "junit4.jar", "hamcrest-core.jar" and
    optionally "cobertura.jar" if using "ant -Dtest.coverage=true".
    (The db4o JAR won't be shown as that is not an external dependency,
    i.e. WoT obtains it automatically, you don't have to provide it.)
    If compiling fails due to missing classes see the "Configuration"
    section at top of "build.xml" for the configured locations - all
    external JARs have been moved to that section.

- 0006929: [Bugs] Travis CI builds fail due to changes at fred (xor)

  The .travis.yml configuration of Travis CI has been fixed to be
  compatible to the huge changeset of the Freenet core fred which is
  being developed on fred's next branch.
  Specifically it was adapted to be compatible with the new Gradle
  builder of fred which has replaced Ant there - while keeping Ant at
  WoT so we don't have too much migration efforts going on for now.

  The unit tests of WoT do succeed against the new fred code so
  hopefully WoT won't delay the release of the fred changes any further
  than they have already been delayed.
  This also the first time where the "CI" = continuous integration
  in Travis CI is really happening to meet its definition:
  I don't have a Gradle build setup for fred branch next yet so it is of
  true benefit to be able to test it elsewhere :)

- 0007016: [Bugs] Fix unit test failure on Java 9 (xor)

  Fixes a bug in the unit tests, not in the actual code.

  Symptom was:
    junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: static final boolean
    plugins.WebOfTrust.Persistent.$assertionsDisabled expected not same

- 0007017: [Bugs] Fix unit test failure on Java 9 (xor)

  Fixes a bug in the unit tests, not in the actual code.

  Symptom was:
    testExportIntroduction() would fail due to the Java 9 XML
    generation code changing the way indentation was produced.


- ArneBab for being willing to review and deploy WoT.
- ArneBab for providing pyFreenet which greatly helped in
  automatically uploading the WoT JAR using Travis CI.
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