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IRC channels

The main channel is #freenet on freenode IRC.

Off topic conversation: #freenet-chat

Non-English: #freenet-fr | #freenet-se | #freenet-de

Mailing lists

Used for support or general information about Freenet.

Please sign up here to be notified of major Freenet developments, such as announcements of new releases or important bugfixes. This list is moderated and is very low traffic (less than one message per month).

Support (archive)

Asking for or giving advice relating to getting Freenet working, bug reports, and suggestions on improving the user experience. Requests for help are more likely to be heard here than in the other mailing lists.

Note: Emails sent to this mailing list from those not subscribed to the list must be manually approved, and this can impose a delay of several days. To avoid this delay, please subscribe.

Development (archive)

This list is for active developers to discuss bugs, and the implementation of near-term new features. Please only post to this list if you are contributing to Freenet as a developer in some capacity, otherwise use the support mailing list (see above).


To subscribe to one of the lists, click the list name and give your email address in the field below the Subscribing to <mailinglist> header. To enter a password is optional, and if you do not enter one, one will be automatically generated for you. Then press the Subscribe button. You will receive a confirmation email, and when that is answered, you will receive mails from the list. Unsubscribing

To unsubscribe to one of the lists you are subscribed to, click the list name and give your subscription email address under the heading <mailinglist> Subscribers and press the button Unsubscribe or edit options.

Note: We constantly get requests of people who want to become unsubscribed. YOU have to do that yourself! Just click on the link provided at the bottom of every mail, enter your e-mail address in the text field in section "Subscribers" and provide your password under the unsubscribe option. (You can get your password there as well, in case you forgot it.)

The inactive lists

Tech (archive, older)

This was for general technical discussion of Freenet. If you want to discuss longer-term technical ideas about Freenet, please use this list.

Darknet-tools (archive, older)

A mailing list to discuss and develop ways of extending the darknet while keeping it a darknet: Instant messenger plugins, IRC plugins, email invitations, functionality in the node needed to support these, and any other means of extending the darknet while keeping it a darknet as much as possible.

Chat (archive, older)

This list was for general discussion of Freenet, topics that are not suitable to other lists. Discussions of politics, law, philosophy, lawsuits, programming languages, related technology that should not be part of Freenet, and any thread that the developers and users don't deem appropriate to the main lists should be discussed here. Questions such as "How can I prevent my node from being used by terrorists?", or "Why don't you rewrite Freenet in C++?" should be addressed to this list.

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