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Simulations and gathering data about the existing network (without impacting significantly on anonymity and security) are always welcome, particularly opennet, darknet, swapping, etc. Theoretical, simulation, observational and practical work on the network - why it takes so long to bootstrap a new node, how can swapping be made secure, and so on.

We need feedback on how Freenet does on very fast (>= 100 KiB/s uplink) connections. How much bandwidth can it use, what payload fraction does it achieve? We've had reports that Freenet still doesn't use lots of bandwidth even when available, despite some changes that should have helped. If you have a fast connection and are willing to run some tests, please contact evanbd as well.

(Note: evanbd hasn't been active for a while, but it would be much appreciated if someone else carried on his work.)

The following data would be helpful in making Freenet use more bandwidth effectively. If you have such a connection:

  • Properly configure your output bandwidth limit (to a value somewhat less than your uplink speed, but at least 100 KiB/s).
  • Set your maximum peers to one of 20, 25, 30, 35, 40.
  • Restart your Freenet node.
  • Run for approximately 24 hours.
  • Save a copy of your stats page (in advanced mode).
  • Send me (evanbd) results.
  • Repeat with a different number of max peers.
  • If you finish the list of max peers settings, run again with values in between (eg 22, 38, etc), or repeat the same values for comparison.
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