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FCPv2 LoadPlugin

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LoadPlugin asks the Freenet node to load the plugin from the given location.

The node will respond with a PluginInfo message.




Field Possible values Mandatory Default Description
Identifier Arbitrary text string Yes This is for client to be able to identify responses
PluginURL Plugin location Yes An URI that point to the plugin location.official:
  • the name of the official plugin
  • file: a local file path
  • freenet: a Freenet URL
  • url: any url that your java vm can deal with
URLType [official,file,freenet,url] No Attempts autodetect Type of plugin source. (currently autodection does not work if the local file does not exist or type is 'url')
Store [true,false] No false If true, the plugin url is written to config.
OfficialSource [freenet,https] No ??? Means of obtaining an official plugin:
  • freenet or HTTPS (from 1234/9b460c0, case insensitive)."freenet" is strongly recommended and is the default unless the network security level is LOW.
  • "https" may be faster and/or more reliable, but is traceable.
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