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FCPv2 SimpleProgress

Chris Double edited this page Mar 28, 2017 · 2 revisions

SimpleProgress indicates the progress of a large request (usually a splitfile, a big file which is split across a large number of blocks).


 Total=12288 // 12,288 blocks we can fetch
 Required=8192 // we only need 8,192 of them (because of splitfile redundancy)
 Failed=452 // 452 of them have failed due to running out of retries
 FatallyFailed=0 // none of them have encountered fatal errors
 Succeeded=1027 // we have successfully fetched 1,027 blocks
 FinalizedTotal=true // the Total will not increase any further (if this is false, it may increase; it will never decrease)
 Identifier=Request Number One
 Global=true // true if the request is on the global queue, false otherwise

Note that before FinalizedTotal=true, Total may vary wildly on a ClientGet, because we may follow redirects, have to fetch multi-level splitfiles and so on. However, once we are fetching the final splitfile, FinalizedTotal will be set to true. Whereas on a ClientPut, we can't generate the metadata until quite late on, so it takes a long time to set FinalizedTotal=true, but this doesn't matter as the Total will not increase very much (since the majority of the insert is the actual data and check blocks).

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