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FCPv2 TestDDARequest

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TestDDARequest must be sent before any operation involving DDA is requested. If you don't, the node will reply with code 25. The node will respond with a TestDDAReply message.

You can send more than one TestDDARequest message for different directories if necessary : the node handles them per socket, meaning that if you close/reopen the socket you have to re-do it. Each TestDDARequest message will be obsoleted if a new one is received for the same directory.




Field Possible values Mandatory Default Description
Directory Arbitrary string, on one line yes The directory files you want to access reside in
WantReadDirectory [true,false] no false Do you plan to do any PUT operation? Be aware that the node won't allow you to do it unless it has write access to the given directory. See the note above
WantWriteDirectory [true,false] no false Do you plan to do any GET operation?

Use case

See and for implementation details.

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