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FCPv2 TestDDAResponse

Chris Double edited this page Mar 28, 2017 · 2 revisions

TestDDAResponse should be sent *AFTER* a TestDDAReply message is received. The node will respond with a TestDDAComplete message.


 ReadContent=Content read from the  "read" file


Field Possible values Mandatory Description
Directory Arbitrary string, on one line... yes It has to be the same as the one sent in TestDDARequest. The directory files you want to access reside in. The node will send a protocol error error code if it doesn't know about it.
ReadContent UTF8 String no if WantRead has been specified The content of the file your client has read from the ReadFilename

Implementation Notes

The FCP client *HAS TO* clean up the files it creates; The node will cleanup files it has created. You can retry to enable DDA requests more than once for either the same or a different directory. Only last test result will be taken into account. If you enabled WantWriteAccess your FCP client should have created the file *before* you send this message.

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