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IRC over Freenet

Stephen Oliver edited this page Mar 30, 2017 · 2 revisions

It is possible to implement IRC (real time chat) over Freenet. It is likely to have lag in the region of 1 minute at the moment, (often around 30 seconds for FLIP) and 10 seconds if this bug is implemented.

Efforts so far include:

FLIP (Freenet link)

Written in C by SomeDude (author of FMS).

It has no anti-spam features yet and is not connected to the Web of Trust. It hammers the node constantly with requests. ULPRs should theoretically avoid the need for this, and automatically quench it.

It appears to work, but does not have /list and is unmaintained.


An IRC bot which supports FLIP to connect regular IRC with IRC over Freenet.

Note that IRC and microblogging can be implemented in ways which are almost identical. See Microblogging.

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